Streamline your Short-term Plans

The Primary Planning Tool has been designed to streamline the planning process, from Whole-school Plan to Long-term Plans, to Short-term Plans, to Cuntais Míosúla.  This functionality also allows you to create yearly or termly Long-term Plans from which you can derive your Short-term Plans.

 Creating Short-term Plans

Creating Short-term Plans couldn’t be easier using the pre-populated NCCA Primary Curriculum content which includes the new oral language strands. Simply select your stand(s) and strand units of choice and add aims, objectives, methodologies, differentiation, assessment and resources as required to your Short-term Plans.

Automatically Populate Your Cuntas Míosúla

As you mark your content objectives as complete, you will also be automatically populating your Cuntas Míosúil. From there, you can then submit your Cuntas Míosúil to principals at the touch of a button.

This eliminates the paper-trail traditionally associated with Short-term Planning and will save you a considerable amount of time and stress. The Primary Planning Tool provides you with instant access to your Short-term Plans which means that you can use them as working documents in the classroom.

You can also filter your Short-term Plans by class group and the current you are teaching. This gives you access to relevant content, teaching notes and live links to websites. You can also link to your own online resources e.g. worksheets, assignments, etc.

 The Primary Planning Tool Mobile App

We have also recently released the Primary Planning Tool mobile app, available on both IOS and Android. The app ensures that you can view and update your Short-term Plans, including content objectives and annotations, at any time. The App also includes an option to add photographs to the Short-term Plan. This ensures that you can add rich content to your plans, enabling you to preserve and highlight the creativity of each class. This app also integrates with the desktop platform meaning that you can add this digital portfolio to Short-term Plans immediately.

Primary Planning Tool App










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Sample Short-term Plan

Below you can download a sample Short-term Plan which we have created. This plan should give you an idea of how the Primary Planning Tool can take the stress out of the planning process, thereby allowing you to focus on what really matters – teaching.


Sample Short-term Plans