Cuntais Míosúla

The Primary Planning Tool reduces the time spent collecting and reviewing your teachers Cuntais Míosúla each month. Our curriculum aligned platform gives you easy access to information provided by your teachers. Your staff simply need to click the “Administrator and Me” button within the report preview section and their plan will be visible on your dashboard.


GIF Submitting Cuntais Míosúla

The reports can be found under the “Cuntais Míosúla and plan’s” section of the admin dashboard. Here you will also have access to your staff’s Long-term plans and Short-term Plans. You can now get an in-depth view of all of your staff plans throughout the school year. The Primary Planning Tool also allows you to print of export these plans to PDF if required.

You can also filter these plans in a number of ways. Our dashboard allows you to filter by the teacher, class level, or even the particular month. This ensures that you can quickly gain valuable insight into each teacher and their class progression throughout the school year.


GIF Principal - Filtering plans


The cloud-based nature of our planning resource will not only save you time but also space as it removes the need for principles to store each Cuntais Míosúla in paper format. You should also greatly reduce costs associated with printing plans each year. 

Like what you see? To arrange a demo or purchase the Primary Planning Tool contact us here.

Like what you see?

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