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The Primary Planning Tool is a curriculum-aligned resource allowing your school to create long & short-term plans, cuntais míosúla reports and thematic lessons.

NCCA Cirriculum Aligned

Create, manage and integrate your cirriculum plans with ease.

Pre-Populated with DES Curriculum

Perfect to use for both single grade or multi-grade classes.

Streamlined School Planning

All teachers on the same page with a streamlined planning template, which also allows for personalisation by individual teachers.

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The Primary Planning Tool is an NCCA curriculum aligned planning tool which allows your school to create, integrate and manage your Long-term Plans, Short-term Plans, Cuntais Míosúla and Thematic planning.

In addition, Department Inspectorate notes and reports are available at any time to view, download and print.

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Cuntais Míosúla
Additional Content
Whole-School Plan
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Cuntais Míosúla

Creating effective Short-term Plans is key to success in the classroom. With the Primary Planning Tool, your teachers will be able to automatically generate their Cuntais Míosúla based on the completed elements of their Short-Term Plans. This allows teachers to reflect on each students learning outcomes and the overall class progression. This approach ensures all teachers Cuntais Míosúla are accurate, resulting in stronger and more informed Short-term Plans which are better aligned to students needs.

In addition, the Primary Planning Tool provides secure cloud storage for your school's plans. This, therefore, allows you easy access to all of your teacher's reports with the click of a button. This eliminates the need to print, file & maintain printed versions of these documents.

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Additional Content

The Primary Planning Tool also supports a range of other additional content sections such as differentiation and assessment amongst others. These sections also come pre-populated with headings which teachers can expand upon by adding a more personal and/ or bespoke note as needed.

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Whole School Plan

Whole-School Plan

A major problem for schools has been ensuring that individual teachers' plans are aligned with the Whole-School Plan for each subject. The Primary Planning Tool promotes holistic planning by providing you with a school-wide planning feature which teachers can continually reference when creating both their Long-term Plans and Short-term Plans.

The subject specific curriculum planner allows you to allocate individual strands, strand units and content objectives on a class by class basis across all subjects. You can choose to filter the content objectives when creating Long-term Plans, based on whether they have been included in the overall school plan or not. This feature also ensures that there is no duplication of content as children progress through the different class cycles.

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Hear what our customers are saying

"As a staff we looked at trying to find a user-friendly tool to help create a standard template across the school. As there are different options, we approached Áine and her team and they offered us a month free trial.
It is such a wonderful tool and after the trial we signed up for the whole school. Fantastic for multigrade class. Not alone that but Áine was always a phone call away if an issue arose. We would strongly recommend Primary Planning Tool."

Yvonne, Teaching Principal, Co. Kilkenny

"I have been using the Primary Planning Tool for many years now and it has improved and grown every year. It has adapted to all the changes that were asked of it and it sports an excellent back up service and any issue that might arise is dealt with swiftly and efficiently with no fuss. As the curriculum changed, the PPT changed and adapted too with seamless efficiency. CJ Fallon have come on board now and for any school using their textbooks, PPT is the obvious choice. An excellent piece of curriculum software."

Anthony, 5th class teacher, Dublin

"As a multigrade teacher, planning can be overwhelming. However, since our school introduced The Primary Planning Tool this year, it has made planning easier. I find it easy to use and can manage all aspects of my planning in one place, from long-terms to Cuntais Míosúla. When using the PPT, the curriculum is at your fingertips enabling me to ensure I am covering all aspects of the curriculum across the three class groups. I have found that the programme makes whole-school planning incredibly straightforward as plans are easy to share and store in the digital library. The support I received in relation is excellent with any queries being answered efficiently and effectively. The Primary Planning Tool is an essential resource for the classroom!"

Aoife, JI - 1st Class Teacher, Kilkenny

"For many years I have struggled and failed to find templates etc. that made planning for my multigrade class manageable. Following a demonstration from the staff from the Primary Planning Tool I have implemented this tool in my classroom and haven't looked back. We look forward to rolling it out across all of our classrooms next year. It has saved huge amounts of time and also allows me to ensure that I am not omitting any element of the curriculum in my teaching. The level of support available from the staff at the PPT is second to none. This is a tool that I would not work without."

Ríona, Teaching Principal, Cork

"Our school was looking for a user friendly template for our teacher planning. Everyone was using different templates and there was no overall secure storage point for planning. After sitting down as a staff and watching the very comprehensive demo of the Primary Planning Tool everyone was in agreement that it would definitely be worth giving it a trial period in the school. The staff like that there was simple to use drop down menus and that the curriculum content was preloaded and ready to select for long/short term plans.
The teachers like how the long term plans feed into the short term plans and subsequently into the Cuntas Miosúil also. We would highly recommend the Primary Planning Tool to all schools regardless of size as we are a small multi class school and it works very well for us. We look forward to continuing to use the Primary Planning Tool in future years."

Catherine, Principal, Cork

"The Primary Planning Tool is the way forward for teachers. It has an amazing amount of information on it to help with short- and long-term planning along with generating a cúntas míosúil for each month too. All of the teachers in our school are benefiting from using it and find it very teacher friendly. Planning is an area of teaching that takes time but this Planning Tool is really helping us to plan efficiently and easily."

Lyndsey, 6th class teacher, Co. Louth

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