How Easy Is It To Start Planning?

Your planning process couldn’t be simpler and it starts with the set up. Please click Request a Demo and the top of screen. Here you can get in touch with us for further information about getting started.

How Do I Access My Plans Using The Primary Planning Tool?

Your username and password gives you secure access to your planning information. Simply select the Sign In button at the top of the page.

How Does The Primary Planning Tool Application Work?

Our secure cloud based system is accessible from any internet connection, on any device (laptops, PCs, tablets). If your computer fails, your data is never lost as it is constantly being saved. The tool is easy to use as it is pre-populated with curriculum content.

What Benefits Will Principals See From Using The Primary Planning Tool?

All administrative tasks relating to classroom planning including Cuntais Míosúla will be easier.  You will not be receiving your teachers plans in paper form but online through the Primary Planning Tool. Teachers plans will be stored on a secure cloud storage. This therefore allows you easy access to all the teachers reports any time, including during school inspections. This results in less paperwork, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of better communication with teachers. It also offers an invaluable overview of Whole-School Plan implementation and class progress.

What Benefits Are There For Teachers?

Teachers will be able to easily create their Long-Term, Short-Term and Cuntais Míosúla online using the tool. Teachers can seamlessly develop their plans with pre-populated content. The simple-to-use interface allows you create, browse, edit and adapt your plan at anytime. You will have access to the primary curriculum with indicators to content included in your Whole-School Plan. This tool also enables teachers to use their creative side by developing their plans with the use of themes.

What About Security Of Plans?

The total security of your planning data is of utmost importance to us. We understand how important and valuable your plans are. Your data will be stored on a secure cloud. Allowing you easy access to all the teachers reports any time, including during school inspections.

Does It Support The New Primary School Curriculum

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) is currently revising the Primary School Curriculum. Stages 1 and 2 (Junior Infants – Second Class) of the new Primary Language Curriculum have been published. The phased introduction of the new curriculum commences in the 2016-2017 school year. As new curriculum is developed and implemented the tool will be updated with the relevant curriculum content. Ensuring that schools can make a smooth transition into the new curriculum structure, principles and methodologies. During the transition for each subject, schools will have access to both new and old curriculum content.

Can I Save a Plan and Return to Complete it Later?

Yes, your plans automatically save on the Primary Planning Tool site for you. This way you can go back and pick up your plans where you left them.

How Do I View My Plans?

You can view your plans in two ways. Firstly you can view your plans in the sidebar on the left hand side by click “Preview”. Alternatively you can view your plans by month and clicking the eye icon to preview your plans.

Can I Export/Print My Plans?

Yes, you will have the option when previewing your Long and Short-term plans or Cuntais Míosúla to print your plans. You can also export it as a PDF or, if your school uses Office 365, you can export to Microsoft OneNote.

How Do I Submit My Cuntas Míosúil to the Principal?

You can easily submit your Cuntas Míosúil to your principal. Simple click preview or the eye symbol. This will bring you to your Cuntas Míosúil. Here you can change your “Access” at the top of the page from “Only Me” to “Administrator & Me”.  This action will then submit your Cuntas Míosúil to your principal.

As a Principal, Can I Make Whole-School Plans Available to Teachers For Planning?

Yes, a principal can make their Whole-School Plan available to teachers under the heading of “Curriculum”. Here you can filter by class level, subject, strand and learning objectives. Simply select the star to highlight the strand or learning objective you wish to add to the plan. This action will add the strand or learning objective to the Whole-School Plans quickly and easily.





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