Cuntais Míosúla


The Cuntas Míosúil showcases the increased emphasis placed on reflecting upon the work completed over the course of a month. This report is essential to your pupil’s progression throughout the school year, in addition, your own professional development. With the Primary Planning Tool, you will be able to automatically generate your each monthly report based upon the learning objectives completed within your Short-term Plans. This not only ensures that you planning is comprehensive but that your pupils receive a holistic learning experience.  

Automatically generate your Cuntas Míosúil

We designed the Primary Planning Tool to provide a resource which promotes effective curriculum planning.  This is most especially evident through our Cuntas Míosúil feature. Our platform allows you to mark content objectives as complete in your Short-term Plans, thereby automatically populating your monthly reports. Your ability to cross reference your monthly reports with your Long-term Plans and Short-term Plans ensures that your planning is fully integrated. 


We know how important reflections are when it comes to the continual refinement of your teaching methods. Therefore, the Primary Planning Tool also gives you the opportunity to reflect upon the quality of teaching and learning.


Cuntas Míosúil Reflection


Newly Qualified Teachers

Newly qualified teachers can also use this feature to complete weekly reports. You can also generate weekly reports by adding content within the Cuntas Míosúil planning window. Furthermore, this will not affect your ability to generate a monthly report from your fortnightly plans. 


GIF Adding content objectives

This feature should provide NQTs with an invaluable way of quickly reflecting upon the quality of learning and teaching over the previous week. The outcomes of these reflections are not only essential to your future planning but also your continued professional development. 

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