Short-term Plan


Short-term Plans provide a framework to outline how you will support pupils to achieve the various NCCA curriculum objectives. Moreover, it allows you to monitor your pupil’s progress through assessments and evaluations. With the Primary Planning Tool, you can create detailed and actionable plans with ease. The platform also functions to ensure cross-curricular alignment throughout your lesson plans.

Short-Term Plans

The Primary Planning Tool allows you to create Short-term Plans of varying lengths. This feature ensures that experienced teachers can create their fortnightly plans while also catering to the needs of NQT’s creating weekly reports. 

This feature works by allowing you to choose content objectives from the pre-populated NCCA curriculum. When selecting content objectives you will have the option of filtering content based on your Whole-school Plan and Long-term Plan. This ensures that there is a strong linkage between your plans ensuring that your pupils receive a holistic learning experience.


Short-term Plans


After you add in each content objective you can outline essential learning outcomes by providing annotations for each curriculum objective.


NCCA curriculum planning


You will also have access to a range of additional content objectives such as aims & objectives, methodologies, differentiation and assessment amongst others. Thus the Primary Planning Tool not only provides you with the content to outline how you are going to teach each objective but also monitor your progress.


Additional content objectives


As you work your way through your Short-term Plan you will be able to mark each curriculum content objective as complete. By doing this, you will be able to automatically generate your Cuntais Míosúla from your two fortnightly each month. By downloading the Primary Planning Tool Mobile App, your Short-term Plans will only ever be a click away.

Sample Short-term Plan

Below you can download a sample Short-term Plan which we have created. This plan should give you an idea of how the Primary Planning Tool can take the stress out of the planning process.


Sample Short-term Plans

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