thematic planning


Teachers are increasingly looking to create integrated lesson plans incorporating all 11 NCCA curriculum subjects. We also know that you are dedicating more and more time to creating lesson plans which incorporate various combinations of the NCCA curriculum objectives. With the Primary Planning Tool, you can quickly cross-reference content objectives in order to create detailed and actionable themes.

Thematic Planning

Our thematic feature, allows you to seamlessly attach and remove themes from your Short-term Plans and Cuntais Míosúla. You can also continually refine your themes and store each thematic plan within the platform, year on year.

You can create thematic plans in a variety of ways. Each individual teacher will likely take a different approach, however, each of your themes is founded upon the continuous integration of learning across subject matter. The Primary Planning Tool promotes this type of learning by stimulating a flexible approach to your planning. In this way, we aim to aid teacher and student development.


Creating Themes Using the Primary Planning Tool

Ensuring cross-curricular linkages through the generation of thematic plans is easy with the Primary Planning Tool. This feature allows you to create a theme in a number of ways. You have the option of adding themes to Short-term Plan which you have previously created. Alternatively, you can create Short-term Plans around your theme of choice.

Begin creating your theme by simply clicking on the theme heading.


creating new themes


Now you have a chance to bring out your creative side by creating fun and engaging themes for your Short-term Plans.


thematic planning


The Primary Planning Tool allows you to create your Short-term Plan around your theme. Thus ensuring that each NCCA curriculum objective is effectively structured and linked. This not only streamlines the planning process but leads to greater understanding on behalf of your students.


Apply themes to Short-term Plan


We have created themes centring on Easter and most recently our Tech week theme. This theme focused on the difficult task of integrating ICT into the classroom. You can download these by clicking on the links above.

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Like what you see?

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