5 Christmas Classroom Activities to keep your Students Engaged

5 Christmas Classroom Activities to keep your Students Engaged

Dec 20, 2022 | News, Resources | 0 comments

Are you looking for fun Christmas classroom activities that will keep your students engaged and learning? Look no further! In this blog post, we will share some of our favorite activities that are perfect for the holiday season. From a festive Christmas tree decoration to organising an Advent calendar, there is something for everyone here. So read on and get inspired!

#1 Writing Festive Letters 

Get your students into the holiday spirit with the most classic Christmas pastime of all – writing letters! Have your students practice their penmanship by getting them to write holiday letters together in class. The letters can be to Santa, the Grinch, Elves, or whatever character they choose. You can also use this as an opportunity to practice letter formatting, as well as grammar. Encourage the children to ask these characters how they celebrate Christmas, or about the kind of Winter season traditions they follow to expand their horizons.

#2 Advent Calendar Prize

Nothing will make children work harder than the promise of a prize. So, keep them focused and disciplined with a daily competition for each day of December. Set up an Advent calendar with special prizes for different categories such as ‘’Who has the tidiest desk?’’, ‘’Who helped their fellow classmates the most?’’, ‘’Who participated the most?’’, etc. Come up with whatever categories you think will suit your group of students the best. The prizes themselves could be chocolate from a standard Advent calendar or make them unique with passes for a non-uniform day, or a no homework pass. Make the calendar that suits you the best!

#3 Deck the Halls with Decorations

Get the whole class involved with a classroom decoration day! Take a Friday in December and spend the day decorating the classroom with your students. Invite your students to bring in any decorations from home that they may not have room for. Keep your classroom lively and colourful to give your students a refreshing new environment for the December season. 

#4 Decorate a Class Christmas Tree

This can be a fun group activity that you and your classmates do together. Have each student bring one or two decorations for the tree, such as tinsel, garland, lights, ornaments, and even homemade decorations made from paper and glue. Once everyone has contributed to the decorating process, take a step back to admire your beautiful masterpiece and take a photo of it – this will be a great keepsake for years to come! And don’t forget to top off your tree with a star or an angel – whichever one you prefer!

#5 Make the Last Day A Special One

Why not keep the festive spirit alive by making gingerbread houses in the classroom? It’s a fun activity that can help boost creativity as well as teach valuable lessons in teamwork. First, gather your supplies – pre-made gingerbread house kits are available at most stores, but you can also make your own if you prefer. To keep costs down, or to follow the healthy eating rules of your school, or your students’ individual eating habits, use materials such as cardboard and paper. To build the house, start with a cardboard base or box to hold all of the pieces together. Then each student gets to take part in constructing and decorating their individual house! For decorations you can use scissors and craft paper to create small christmas decorations to really finish it off! 

The holidays are a hectic time for everyone, especially teachers. You want to keep your students engaged and learning during the short December days, but coming up with new content and activities day after day is daunting. Luckily, we’ve put together five fun Christmas classroom activities that will get your students excited and help you check things off your to-do list. From gingerbread houses to making paper ornaments, these activities will bring some holiday cheer into your classroom while also supporting key curricular areas  

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From all of us at the Primary Planning Tool, we wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!