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6 Tips for Creating Engaging Lesson Plans

When it comes to lesson planning, many primary school teachers feel overwhelmed. How do you create effective lessons that keep students actively engaged while still focusing on key learning outcomes? If you’re a primary school teacher, then you know how important it is to keep your students immersed in the lesson.This can be a daunting […]

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5 activities to add to your lesson plan this spring

5 Activities to Add to Your Lesson Plans this Spring

5 Activities to Add to Your Lesson Plans this Spring   The February mid-term has come and gone and Easter is just around the corner so it’s time to start planning your spring-themed lesson plans! Spring is the perfect time to teach your students about animals, plants and gardening while also marking some of the […]

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5 covid-friendly classroom activities for the new year

As the pandemic continues to rage on, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find activities to keep your students engaged and active while maintaining social distance between them. In this blog we look at 5 Covid-friendly classroom activities that you can implement in your classroom this coming year.   Yoga Yoga has numerous benefits for […]

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New Primary Language Curriculum

You’re probably aware that for the past number of years the NCCA have been working on updates to the Primary Language Curriculum (PLC), available on the Curriculum Online website. The new Primary Language Curriculum has now been completed with the publication of English and Gaeilge Stages 3 and 4 (Third – Sixth Class). This was […]

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new primary language curriculum

New Primary Language Curriculum Overview

With the new Primary Language Curriculum in the implementation stage, we decided to take a look at the overall structure of the new language curriculum and try to clarify how the various elements are presented and how you should interact with them. Structure, Relationships and Processes As you know the new curriculum is being implemented […]

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Make a copy of your Short-term Plans

You can now avoid having to re-populate the various additional content sections every time you create a new Short-term Plan. We recommend that you create a Short-term Plan with all of your fixed content (Methodologies, Resources, etc) in place. You can then copy the fixed content into your Short-term Plans every fortnight and then insert […]

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Thematic Planning: Science Week 2017

Science Week is an annual event which is aimed at creating interest and excitement around the topic of science. Science week is all about showing students how science is all around us and how it plays a vital role in our daily lives.

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Multi-class Planning Made Easy

With the Primary Planning Tool, you can easily create Long-term Plans, Short-term Plans and Cuntais Míosúla for your Multi-class setting. This feature ensures that you can take curriculum content and additional content from different class levels and add them to your plans for one combined class group. Multi-class Planning Made Easy We recognise the difficulties […]

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Collaborative Planning Made Easy

Want to be able to collaborate on one Long-term Plan with colleagues from the same class level? With the Primary Planning Tool, multiple teachers can now contribute to one collective Long-term Plan. Each contributor will then be able to create individual Short-term Plan and Cuntais Míosúla based on this plan.   Collaborative Planning Primary Planning […]

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Creating a new Long-term Plan

With the Primary Planning Tool, all of your Long-term Plans, Short-term Plans and Cuntais Míosúla are archived for reference and reuse. This saves you valuable time and ensures that you can continually refine your lesson plans to create a more holistic learning experience for your pupils. However, we know that many of you would have changed class, which along […]

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