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Primary Planning Tool App

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Originally Published: January 24th 2017

Introducing the Primary Planning Tool App  

We are delighted to announce the Primary Planning Tool app which will see our English platform go mobile. We know how important it is for you as a teacher to have your plans to-hand. This new feature represents our commitment to supporting your planning needs, allowing you to focus on teaching. 

The Primary Planning Tool’s free app matches our website and keeps your planning at your fingertips. It easily allows you to upload photos to specific subjects within your Short-Term Plans where ever you go! A photo can speak a thousand words (and save you writing out those thousand words!). The app allows you to access each subject in your Short-Term plans and upload photos for the current school year. 

We believe that effective teaching and learning starts with effective planning and the Primary Planning Tool app is designed to streamline this process. You can now view a list of your Short-term Plans and add photos to your plans.  

Add Photographs 

To help you get the most out of the Primary Planning Tool, we have included the ability to add photographs to your Short-term Plans. This ensures you can add rich content to your plans, allowing you preserve and showcase the creativity of your class. From now on, never be slow to change what’s on your classroom walls. Simply add photographs to your Short-term Plans which you can then access any time in the future. 

Available for both iPhone and Android smartphones, with the Primary Planning Tool app your plans are always at your fingertips. 


 The Primary Planning Tool App Allows you: 

  • View a list of your Short-term Plans for the current academic year  
  • Upload photographs and documentary evidence of your class’s activities, artwork and projects to each subject within a Short-Term Plan 


Here are some suggestions for adding photos to your Short-Term Plans: 

  • as a reminder of tasks, activities or projects completed over previous years 
  • to record assessment 
  • to take photographs of classroom displays 
  • to upload photos of daily notes rather than typing out everything again 
  • to monitor progress 

Once uploaded, photos can then be viewed on the website version of your Short-Term Plans.  

* Leagan Gaeilge ag teacht le déanaí! 


Click the links below to download the Primary Planning Tool app today, or learn more on our website. 

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