7 Festive Christmas Classroom Door Decoration Ideas - PPT

7 Festive Christmas Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

Dec 20, 2022 | News, Resources | 0 comments

Are you looking for some fun and festive Christmas classroom door decoration ideas? From wreaths and stockings to archways and candy canes, these creative ideas are sure to get your students in the holiday spirit! Plus, they’re all simple enough that you can put them together in no time at all. So take a look and see which one is right for your classroom this year!

1. Christmas Tree Doorway

If you’re looking for a more traditional look on your door, try using gift wrap rolls, ribbons, and other craft items to make a Christmas tree shape on your classroom door! Start by cutting out different-sized circles from the wrapping rolls and taping them to the door in a tree shape. You can add ornaments, garlands, and ribbons with tape or glue to make it look more festive.

2. Snowman Doorway

Bring winter indoors with a snowman doorway! Cover your classroom door with white poster paper (or cotton balls) and draw a snowman on top using markers or paint. Add details such as eyes, buttons, a carrot nose, and a coal mouth for extra flair.

3. Reindeer Doorway 

This simple decoration will bring cheer to your doorway! Cut out brown construction paper into antlers shapes and cut out red circles for the nose. Tape these pieces onto the door in the desired position then use black markers to draw eyes and a mouth.

4. Christmas Forest Doorway

Create a special forest of Christmas trees! Cut out several green construction paper triangles into different sizes, then tape or glue them onto the door in a diagonal pattern. Add ornaments, stars, and ribbons for an extra festive look.

5. Candy Cane Doorway

This cute doorway is simple to make but looks adorable! Cover your door with red poster paper, then draw white stripes using markers or paint to create the shape of candy canes. Add some sparkle with glittery ribbons or bows for a truly magical touch.

6. Elf Doorway

Transform your classroom door into an elf workshop by adding a tiny elf door to the bottom of the door. Cut out a small wooden door shape and paint it with bright colors, then add some decorations such as bells and jingle bells.

7. North Pole Welcome Sign

Greet visitors to your classroom with a festive welcome sign that’s sure to put them in the Christmas spirit. Cut out polar bears, snowflakes, and other winter images and arrange them into a collage at the top of your door. Add a “Welcome To The North Pole” sign and a message like “Let the holiday season begin!” for extra cheer. 

The Christmas season is a wonderful time to be creative and have some fun with your students by decorating your classroom door. By setting the mood with a festive door decoration, you can help get everyone into the holiday spirit! We hope these 7 ideas have inspired you to start decorating your own door for Christmas. For more great classroom ideas, be sure to check out some of the great features we offer.

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