Primary Planning Tool Archive

With the Primary Planning Tool Archive, all of your lesson plans will be saved for future reference or reuse. Archived plans can be reviewed, turned into templates, or reused with updated academic dates. This feature ensures that you have the time and resources to continually refine your lesson plans and provide your pupils with a holistic learning experience.  


Accessing the Primary Planning Tool Archive


  • To access past plans select the Archives button located under my account.

Accessing the Primary Planning Tool Archive


  • Filter your plans by either the academic year in which they were created and/or the particular month of that calendar year.

Primary Planning Tool Archive


Archive Actions


  • You can quickly review past plans by clicking on the preview button
  • You can create an identical duplicate of an archived plan with the current year’s academic dates. 

Archive actions


  • The Primary Planning Tool Archive ensures that you have the time and resources to focus on refining your lesson plans to better meet your student’s needs.
  • By creating integrated and well-thought lesson plans, you can ensure that your pupils receive a holistic learning experience tailored to their needs all the while improving your own planning and by extension teaching skills.