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Make a copy of your Short-term Plans

Nov 14, 2017 | Curriculum | 0 comments

You can now avoid having to re-populate the various additional content sections every time you create a new Short-term Plan. We recommend that you create a Short-term Plan with all of your fixed content (Methodologies, Resources, etc) in place.

You can then copy the fixed content into your Short-term Plans every fortnight and then insert the individual pieces of content, specific to that period.

Make a copy of your Short-term Plans

Click Create New. This will bring up your editing box.

You can call this plan whatever you like, we have called it our Fixed Content as it is only going to contain the content that we will be using in almost every Short-term Plan.

Short-term Plans

Next, enter any content which you are likely to include in the majority of your Short-term Plans throughout the school year.

Once you have added in all of the repetitive content navigate back to the Short-term Plans homepage.

Find the fixed content plan that you have just created and select the actions buttons to the right.

primary planning tool

From the drop-down menu click Copy Plan.

Rename your plan, assign new start and end dates to it, and save it as your new plan.

Make a copy of your Short-term Plans

You have two “Include” options. You can include/exclude the Curriculum Content and the Additional Content.

Repeat this process whenever you wish to include this fixed content in your Short-term Plans.

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