Science Week 2016 - Curriculum Planning With The Primary Planning Tool

Science Week Theme

Nov 11, 2016 | Curriculum | 0 comments

Science Week is an annual event which is aimed at creating interest and excitement around the topic of science. Science week is all about showing students how science is all around us and how it plays a vital role in our daily lives.

The theme for Science Week 2016 is Science Rising. This theme is very relevant for our students as it allows them to understand the importance of science in our past and in our future. There is endless potential in the field of science and its growing impact on our lives.

Integrate Science Week Into Your Curriculum Planning

The Primary Planning Tool facilitates the effortless integration of Science Week activities into your curriculum planning.

You can:
• create a theme around Science Week;
• ensure your activities are aligned with the curriculum;
• generate cross-curricular links to strands, strand units and content objectives across a range of subjects;
• apply your theme to one or more short-term plans;
• embed live links to websites and to online resources in your plans.


For example:
1. Create a theme called “Science Rising: Light”. (Fifth & Sixth Class)
2. Edit your theme to link it with some of the following curriculum areas:


Science WeekScience WeekScience WeekScience WeekScience WeekScience WeekScience WeekScience WeekScience Week


3. Create blank short-term plans for the required period(s).
4. Apply your Science Week theme to your short-term plan(s).
5. Add weblinks to your online resources using the annotations option.
6. You’re good to go!


Learn how to create your very own themes with the Primary Planning Tool. Click HERE to book your free online demo.