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Collaborative Planning Made Easy

Aug 10, 2017 | New Releases | 0 comments

Want to be able to collaborate on one Long-term Plan with colleagues from the same class level? With the Primary Planning Tool, multiple teachers can now contribute to one collective Long-term Plan. Each contributor will then be able to create individual Short-term Plan and Cuntais Míosúla based on this plan.


Collaborative Planning

Primary Planning Tool Templates support collaboration and communication on Long-term Plans. Collaborative planning, when implemented effectively, ensures that pupils receive a holistic learning experience which meets their specific needs. Effective collaboration also helps coordinate teaching across all class levels and facilitates a more streamlined transition from one class to another, for principals, teachers and pupils.

With our Template feature, you and your colleagues can create and collaborate on one Long-term Plan. You and each of your colleagues will be able to add content to your own account and also view the content which you colleagues are also adding in real time. Our cloud based platform also ensures that you will be able to plan collectively both in school and remotely from home. 

This feature provides you with a lot of flexibility when it comes to your long-term planning. By saving the template as your Long-term Plan, you can, without affecting the template, edit the plan to suit your own needs and the needs of your pupils  Each class group will have differing needs and so you may want to use different methodologies resources assessments etc. to ensure that each pupil is enabled to reach their full potential. 

For example, you could choose to collaborate on your Long-term Plan in terms of deciding which content objectives will be taught and when. You then have the option of automatically duplicating this template which will create your own personal Long-term Plan. In this way, you and your colleagues will be able to add different additional content.

You can carry out the process described above at any time during the creation of your plan, meaning that you could collaborate on the entire plan with the only difference being the resources you use for example.



This feature was also designed with collaborative teaching between mainstream and special needs educators in mind. This feature will allow mainstream teachers and SNA’s to work more closely together to ensure that each pupil is learning from more informed practices and schools overall.

We believe that collaboration is an essential component of your personal and professional development as you collectively reflect and adapt your practices.


How to begin collaborating

Collaborating on plans with the Primary Planning Tool is quick and easy.

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  • The Template planning dashboard will store each of the templates which you create or to which you have been given access to.  

accessing templates

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  • To create your first template, click the Create New button to the right of the dashboard.
  • Input the title and the class level that you and your colleague will be planning for.
  • Now you must choose your starting point. Unless you have been using the Primary Planning Tool previously you will not be able to base this on an Existing Plan. As such you will be starting with a blank document.
  • Select to start with a blank document and click Next.



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  • Next, you must grant access to your colleagues who will be collaborating on the plan with you. You have the option of giving access to colleagues who will not be working on the plan (e.g. your planning admin/principal).
  • However, it is advisable that only those contributing be granted access during the initial planning phase.



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  • Once you click Set Up you and your colleagues are ready to start adding curriculum content to your plan.


template dashboard



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