Introducing Annotations - The Primary Planning Tool

Introducing Annotations

Oct 26, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Annotations are an important new feature in the Primary Planning Tool. Introducing annotations gives teachers the space to include more description and detail in plans. By adding annotations teachers can give a meaning to the strand and strand units which they are going to teach. It will allow them to demonstrate how they are mediating and contextualising the curriculum for their pupils.

Teachers can now add description to the content objectives/learning outcomes of a strand unit. This new feature will allow teachers to include more detail in their Long-term planned content. This content will then be automatically available to them in their Short-term plans. Teachers can also include links to external resources or additional content they may have included within their plans, for example videos, websites or cloud-based documents. This new feature allows for easy inclusion of additional content within plans.

How to add content:

A teacher must select the strand/strand unit and add it to their plan. Once the strand/strand unit is added to the plan they can include their annotation. Teachers can then scroll down to the included strand/strand unit within their plan to update it with their annotations.

See our image below for more detail.

Introducing Annotations

If you wish to include your annotations within your plans, please select “Annotations” when previewing to include them in your plans.